The InspectWISE solution is now available

Do you perform on-site inspections? Are your tools of the trade a digital camera and printed spreadsheets that you scribble figures on? Do you then head back to the office and spend hours doing tedious data entry? We’re here to give you some of your life back. With the launch of InspectWISE from CentricMinds, on-site inspections will never be the same again.

The InspectWISE iPad and Cloud solution empowers inspection professionals with a digital spreadsheet and camera all in one. Capture, notate, tag and publish your inspections from your iPad securely to a dedicated Cloud environment. Download the app today, sign up for a free 30-day trial and when you’re ready, choose a plan that suits your budget. For organisations that require custom field entry, geolocation services and analytics, contact us about the InspectWISE Enterprise solution.

About CentricMinds

Established in 2002, CentricMinds is an Australian software company developing Enterprise Content Management and Mobile products. With more than 10 years of developing and implementing content management solutions for customers across nearly every industry, the InspectWISE product is part of our vertical content management portfolio. Visit for a company overview and contact information.